Cactus by Gufram

sculptural object – coat stand

designer: Drocco / Mello
producer: Gufram
period: 1972
year of production: New production
country: Italy
width: cm. 70
depth: cm. 70
height: cm. 170

The subject of uncountable, free and often equivocal interpretations, Cactus is the icon of Italian design that revolutionized the domestic landscape.

Also available in limited editions in black (NEROCACTUS 1/500), red (ROSSOCACTUS 1/500) and METACACTUS (1/300). Prices on request.


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Made in flexible polyurethane, Gufram’s Cactus is soft and thornless. This coat stand with four cantilever arms is almost as tall as a person, and looks like an ironic totem that personifies the grit, imagination, and humour of design in the Seventies. Able to gather all the attention upon itself, it frees itself form functionalism at all costs, because it can fulfil its function or be used as an ornamental element. It was created in 1972 and since the beginning it has questioned the static and rigid world of the interior design project.

Made entirely by hand, each piece is unique: as a matter of fact, the 2165 bosses that characterize its surface are finished by hand one by one by specialized workers and later painted with Guflac®, the special and unique paint patented by Gufram that makes it possible to make polyurethane look like leather while maintaining its flexibility and softness.

Green, white, red, black and even multicolour, over the years Cactus has been produced in several colours for as many limited and numbered editions that have now become objects of cult, so much so that they have been on exhibit in the most important museums of the world, such as the Triennale in Milano, the National Art Museum of China in Pecking, and the Barbican in London.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 170 × 60 × 60 cm



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Condition / Tilstand