Hadeland Table lamp 4218

glass table lamp

model: 4218 table lamp
designer: Hadeland/ Anders Holmedal
producer: Hadeland
period: 1958/2020
country: Norway
diameter: cm. 33,5
height: cm. 37

Archive lamp 4218 was designed in 1958, in 2020 it was restyled by Anders Holmedal.

The production techniques are the same ones used 80 years ago. All the molds for these lamps are made of wood turned by Hadeland Glassverk’s own carpenter-moldmaker, To prevent them from burning up during the glass-blowing process, the molds are soaked in water for many weeks before use, and they are moistened after every time a lamp is blown. Four glassblowers work on each lamp. After they are blown, the lamps need to cool down, a process that can take from four or five hours up to many days. Then they are ground down in two stages, and the edges are polished according to the designers’ sketches.



Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 42 cm



kakao, røkgrå



Manufacturer / Produsent

Hadeland Glassverk. Norway

Period/ periode

1958/ 2020

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