Swan lampe design Bernhard Osann


modell: Swan
designer: Bernhard Osann
produsent: Nemo
Land: Italia
bredde: cm. 184
høyde: cm. 165-215 c.

SWAN is a dimmable LED wall lamp for direct lighting. Aluminium matte black painted structure. Arm rotation of 40° vertically, contained by a leathered counterbalance, and 180° horizontally. Its directable cylindric head allows to flexibly orientate the light beam, with optional honeycomb filter for antiglare. Dimmer on cable.

Bernhard Osann: “I was inspired by the sculptural and kinetic aesthetics of articulated arms. Radical simplification brings these aesthetics into focus. As the joints work without visible wires or rope hoists the Untitled is reduced to a few precise lines. The result is a graphically appearing, timeless desk lamp, characterized by its flexibility”.


Leveringstid 1-3 uker.

Utstilt i butikken.


Varenummer: SWA LN2 31 Kategorier: , Stikkord:


bibliography:In 1938 she designs a lamp named Potence Pivotante. In her autobiography, the lamp is postdated two years. She writes: “In 1940 I designed a revolving and cheap lamp, manufactured with long, black tubes assembled in a shape of an inverted L, to bring electrical cable from the switch to the bulb”. In 1950 Jean Prouvé designs his Potence, considered one of the paradigms of his genius. Compare them! The idea is the same.







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