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Tavolino /vassoio /etagère
Plus table

designer: Hermann Bongard
produttore: Utopia Workshop
periodo: 1961
nazione: Norge
larghezza: cm. 36
profondità: cm. 36
altezza: cm. 36

Prior to designing this table in 1961, Hermann Bongard won the prestigious Scandinavian Lunning design prize. Bongard's PLUS is not just a table. It is a conversation piece somewhere between art and design. PLUS is cultivated yet simple. Utopia Workshop is relaunching the Plus table in two versions, both in oiled oak. One features a smoked glass top, while the other has a laminate top decorated with Bongard's own geometric design. The base, which is collapsible, comes in brushed stainless steel. In addition to being a small collapsible table, PLUS can be made into an Etagère by stacking several on top of one another.

codice: 901104
pezzi disponibili: 1 pz.
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