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mod. 711

designer: Fredrik A.  Kayser
produsent: LK-Hjelle
periode: 1960
produksjons år: New
land: Norway
bredde: cm. 70
dybde: cm. 74
høyde: cm. 75 (42)

Fredrik A. Kayser foremost designs are characterised by a Danish inspired and Scandinavian tone. Among them is the armchair MODELL 711. Kayser designed the armchair in 1960, and the same year MODELL 711 won first prize in the Industry Council for Furniture and Furnishing Industry chair competition. Despite having clear references to the mid-century design era, the chair stands out as a timeless piece. MODELL 711 is just as relevant today as it was when it was designed, and its Nordic aesthetic makes it easily adapt to modern architecture. MODELL 711 stands out as a Norwegian design icon that will lasts for years to come. Modell 711 is delivered with base in untreated, oiled or lacquered oak or walnut.

kode: 800046
antall: 1 stk
pris: fra
NOK 18950   stk.
1,953.61   ca.   stk.
MVA inkl. (per stk.)