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Bord- og gulvlampe

designer: Gae  Aulenti

produsent: Martinelli Luce
periode: 1965
produksjons år: New production
land: Italia
diameter: cm. 55
høyde: cm. 66-86

Table or standing lamp with diffused light, adjustable height with telescopic movement. Diffuser in white opal methacrylate. Stainless steel telescope. Painted metal base and knob in dark brown /MA, white /BI, purple red /RO, glossy black /NE and satin aluminium /AL. Designed in 1965 by Gae Aulenti for Martinelli Luce, the lamp is made with innovative techniques for the diffuser in methacrylate for the time in which it was designed. The shape of conic base grows in the height through the ribs of the diffuser as the wings of a bat. Resting on a table or standing on floor this lamp features with its expressive power any type of envirnment. Pris MVA inkludert, gjelder for Hvit og mørkebrunn (svart). ca 1 uke leveringstid

kode: 800038
antall: 1 stk
pris: fra
NOK 14359   stk.
1,480.31   ca.   stk.
MVA inkl. (per stk.)