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Easy chair

designer: Ekstrøm 
producer: Varier
period: 1984
country: Norge
width: cm. 72
depth: cm. 70
height: cm. 79 / 43

In 1984, Terje Ekstrøm designed the Norwegian classic that has since become a Postmodernist icon. The Ekstrem challenges conventional furniture, while still providing supreme comfort and unique flexibility. Varier have launched 5 new, vibrant colours to pay tribute to Ekstrøm’s iconic design from the 80s. These colours are fresh and modern and highlight the chair’s artistic style. Bridge Orange, Shaded Spruce, Sulphur, Gray Violet, Port, and Black.

code: 800031
quantity: 1 pcs.
NOK 15995   per piece
1,648.97   circa   per piece