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Shelving system
living room, oak

designer: Strinning 
Kajsa Strinning
producer: String
period: 1949
country: Sweden
width: cm. 400
depth: cm. 30/58
height: cm. 200

the string® shelving system was designed to fit any home and the people living there. all you have to do is consider what you like and you are ready to build a solution that suits you. take your pick between floor and wall panels and choose between a wide variety of shelves. shelves come in two widths and three depths and can be combined as you please. there are many rooms in a house but only one is called the living room. the string® system makes it easy to do just that.

code: 810001
quantity: 1 pcs.
set price:
NOK 31005
3,196.39 circa